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Dr. Karen RallsDr. Karen Ralls, medieval historian, Celtic, and world spiritualities scholar, obtained her PhD from the University of Edinburgh, followed by six years as Postdoctoral Fellow, Sr. Lecturer (Univ. of Edinburgh) and Deputy Curator of the Rosslyn Chapel Museum Art exhibition (Scotland) before relocating to Oxford, England, where she continues with her specialized research at Oxford University, UCL, and other archives. Noted for her groundbreaking 12th-14th c. medieval research in particular, Dr Ralls is a specialist in the High Middle Ages period.

An international lecturer/conference speaker, noted author,  historical sites tour guide, and workshop/events presenter, Dr Ralls' recent books include Medieval Mysteries: History, Places, and Symbolism, a fully illustrated book examining the history, places, lore and symbolism of twelve of the most-requested, favorite medieval history topics requested by the public about the High Middle Ages  (Ibis Press/distr RedWheelWeiser books USA, 2014);  The Templars and the Grail (Quest Books, USA); The Knights Templar Encyclopedia (Career Press, USA); The Quest for the Celtic Key (Luath, Edinburgh, UK),  Music and the Celtic Otherworld (Edinburgh University Press UK and Columbia Univ Press, USA),  Indigenous Religious Musics [Ed.] (Ashgate,  SOAS Musicology Series, University of London, UK). Forthcoming in 2015/6 are Gothic Wonders: A Guide to the History, Places, Art and Symbolism of Gothic cathedrals  (Ibis/RedWheelWeiser, USA)  and  Beyond Gateways: Music and the Otherworld  (Inner Traditions USA) and others.

A former Visiting Scholar at UC Berkeley, Dr Ralls serves as professional Historical Consultant and Advisor for film / TV / media projects and documentaries (Discovery, The History Channel, National Geographic, BBC, etc), and for travel, charity and heritage-related projects. She completed a specialist Medieval and Renaissance Art History course at the Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum in London. A medievalist originally from the US and based in Britain for over twenty years, Karen is also on Facebook and Linked In, and her website is www ancientquest com.

At Rosslyn Chapel, w/wooden flute

A musician (flutes, and wire-strung Celtic harp), Karen is also interested in further exploring transformative links between history, symbols, music, and world historical and sacred sites today, as a greater understanding of history - and its enduring 'mysteries' -  can still provide us with key insights to powerfully assist us in transforming our own lives  -- and that of our planet -- today. A lover of good chocolate, hillwalking, and stargazing, Dr Ralls also has a Facebook Author page (for all news updates) and the website is     Join the Quest!

'Sharing the Wisdom of the past … a gateway to the future'



For a direct link to the HOME, BOOKS, NEWS, NEW TOURS & MEDIA pages, click here

"Knowledge comes, but Wisdom lingers..."
      (Alfred Lord Tennyson) Clarsach - celtic harp


Dr Karen Ralls
Standing at Callanish stone circle

Karen at Roslin Glen, Scotland

Standing at Callanish stone circle

To view Karen's US Author's Page, please click here, and for the UK Author's page on amazon co uk,  please click here 


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