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The Pilgrims Association - resource site for information about the many fascinating places of pilgrimage in the UK:

Celtic Trails Tours - Tours to many interesting sites associated with Scotland's ancient and mystical past, by Jackie Queally; tours, pilgrimages; workshops; is recommended: See also

Places of Peace and Power - Sacred Site Pilgrimages of Martin Gray; great site:

Gatekeeper Trust - UK-based charity; a programme of amazingly diverse pilgrimages to sacred sites in Europe; workshops; started by Peter and Sarah Dawkins; recommended:




The study of ancient civilizations has always been contentious, and Egypt is probably the most polarized sector of the genre at present. Here are some excellent websites, from both sides of the debate, and neither:

Ancient Egypt and World Prehistory - a comprehensive academic site covering summaries of current academic thinking, research projects and debates in Egyptology, paleoanthropology, and archaeology; many links listed here; informative site:

Robert Bauval - Looking for a stimulating challenge? Ancient Quest recommends the works of bestselling author Robert Bauval, one of the leading exponents of the alternative perspective; intriguing, challenging, thought-provoking, controversial; books, conferences, discussion groups; tours; articles:

Guardians Egypt - Amazing and accessible academic resource site - many good resources and links here; a vast amount of material available; news, books, pyramids, mummies, gods and goddesses, hieroglyphs, archaeological discoveries, history, religion, discussion groups:
Also on this site:
The Plateau - official website of Dr. Zahi Hawass, Undersecretary of the State for the Giza Monuments; informative:

Graham Hancock - The controversial, thought-provoking author of books about Egypt and ancient civilisations; a former journalist for The Economist, his bestselling books have ranged from The Sign and the Seal about the Ark of the Covenant, to more recent titles about ancient Egypt; stimulating discussion group on his site's Message Board; please see:

Photos of Egypt - A wide range of excellent photos of Egypt:

Egyptology Collections - in many museums worldwide; 'Victor's Egyptology', a fascinating website created by a particularily enterprising 13-year-old!; recommended:

Ancient Egyptian Cats - learn more about them and their important role in ancient Egypt:

EGYPT News - informative site about current goings-on in Egypt and Egypt-related topics (you will need to sign up):

Scarabs - Learn more about scarabs and their important symbolism in ancient Egypt:

Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum - AMORC Rosicrucian Museum, San Jose, Calif USA; interesting museum, bookstore, library, university:

DailyGrail - Get unique daily news covering discoveries in science, archaeology, psychology, Egyptology, and more alternative or often neglected news; this site has great links to people, organisations, authors, and resources:


Media, Radio, TV


21st Century Radio - Dr. Bob Hieronimus; Fascinating programmes on many topics, ranging from science, archaeological discoveries; alternative history; call-in talk radio; many other resource links on this site:

Coast to Coast - with legendary US-host Art Bell and guests; call-in talk radio; many links to a great variety of sites; from the sober to the downright bizarre:

Laura Lee - With Washington-state based Laura Lee; many thought-provoking and intereting subjects; call-in talk radio; good resource links and archives here:

Discovery Channel - The cable and satellite provider of, in particular, the Discovery Civilizations channel; here is a link to the History home page of their website:

The Jeff Rense Show - With popular US-based radio host Jeff Rense, who came to fame with his 'Sightings' show; call-in talk radio; the weird and the wonderful; many links here:

History Channel - rather a "busy" site to find your way around, but the search facility can turn up some interesting things:




Martin Gray --  Don't miss these extraordinary photographs of Sacred Sites…of Peace and Power!  Sedona-based artist and photographer Martin Gray leads the way with his outstanding talent, inspiration and genuine dedication to bringing the world his images.  Explore!  Join the pilgrimage….

Phil Gardiner --  Looking for a challenge?  New ideas?  Then have a look at UK author Phil Gardiner's site,  packed with much information about his alternative books, film, DVDs, and other projects. Sure to stimulate debate…'one step beyond'!

Scientific and Medical Network (UK) - A leading organisation of professionals concerned with a new paradigm and links between science, medicine, spirituality; conferences, books, journal, many links to related org.'s here:

Fortean Times - UK monthly magazine of news, book and video reviews, and research on strange phenomena and experiences; alternative history, the weird, the wild and the wonderful; inspired by the researches of Charles Fort:

DUAT Magazine - new London-based CD-ROM magazine, issue 1 Sept 2002. It features alternative history including video clips and interactive articles from well-known authors, including Dr Karen Ralls.

World Mysteries - A great site, both in content and layout, covering lost civilizations, ancient ruins, sacred writings, unexplained artifacts, and science mysteries. Introduced are "alternative theories", subject experts, books, and resources on the Internet. Growing rapidly in content and popularity.

Daily Grail - Another excellent and very popular and daily news, articles, and information about scientific, archaeological, and alternative research, academic studies, books, discussion groups; a good links site:

The Happiness Project (UK) - Seminars, conferences, and new perspectives on living from the pioneering work of Dr. Robert Holden, Oxford, England; Robert is very inspiring and has worked with Patch Adams, Deepak Chopra, etc.:

Jane Ridder-Patrick - Edinburgh-based astrologer; a practical site for quality astrology, using the birth chart as a dynamic map of the psyche; the focus is on health and personal development, with on-going additions of information and resources; author of Medical Astrology:


Directories etc.


Note: This section is for links to Directories and other resources covering a variety of topics. However they are only listed if their coverage is relevant and well-organised - not just the home page of a search engine!

World Mysteries - again (see above)

Daily Grail - again (see above)

Wilson's Almanac Planetary Links Directory lists websites consistent with the Wilson's Almanac theme of global and personal change and healing. The result is an eclectic mix, including many excellent sites. The home page is at:
Some interesting categories include:
Mysteries, Celtic, History/Archaeology


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